Healthcare Industry Services

Laws passed by the Florida State Legislature* dictates that nearly all workers in the healthcare industry must submit their fingerprints and photo for a level II background check to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.  Many employees who previously were not required to undergo a background check and submit fingerprints are included in this requirement.

Accurate LiveScans specializes in servicing the Healthcare industry.  We understand the needs of Healthcare through years of experience in the field. In order to provide LiveScan fingerprinting service without interrupting patient care or the demanding schedules of healthcare providers, we have also set up an entirely mobile unit that allows us to scan employees at the location of our clients in addition to our office location.

We also understand the ever-changing nature of healthcare regulations and are always up to date on the laws that dictate the background check requirements of workers in their industry. We integrate this information into the service we provide to our contracted clients by keeping record of the most recently completed background check and initiating contact to schedule a new submission when the law requires the worker do so.  Compliance deadlines are variable and may have already gone into effect for existing employees.